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Students must be minimally 14 years and 8 months.

It’s important that you have a valid Birth Certificate or State ID, which could be a Passport, to verify your student’s information. Students have to pass an eye exam, so make sure to do that before they start driver ed if it has been a while.

Begin Segment 1: It Has 12 Classroom Sessions

livestream or in-person depending on the availability of the instructors & the location you choose. Each session is 2 hours.

After Completing the First Day of Class You Will Be Able to Begin Signing Up for Your Behind the Wheel Drives (In-Car Lessons)

Students must complete all 6 drives and 4 observation hours within 6 weeks of the class beginning.

Students Will Take Their In-Person Written Test on Session 12

In order to take their test they must have minimally 3 out of the 6 drives completed.

Once Students Have Completed All 12 Class Sessions, 6 Behind the Wheel Drives and Observations AND Passed the Test – They May Request their Segment 1 Certificate of Completion Through their Student Portal

This will be emailed within 3-5 business days.

Once a Student Has Been Emailed and Has Printed their Certificate of Completion

They Will Need to Go to the Secretary of State with the required documentation to apply for their Level 1 License.

You’ll receive this license from the Secretary of State, please know that this license means the student can only drive with a licensed driver over 21. And, you cannot start driving until you get this.

Begin Driving with a Parent, Guardian or Licensed Driver Over the Age of 21 and Logging Your Hours.

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